About Sister Cities

Santa Clarita Sister Cities

Santa Clarita Sister Cities is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion of international goodwill and cultural understanding between the residents of Santa Clarita and citizens of international cities. It fosters mutually beneficial strategic alliances between the City of Santa Clarita and similar jurisdictions abroad.  The breaking of cultural barriers, partnerships in business and education, cooperative problem-solving, and partnerships benefit both Santa Clarita and the communities abroad with whom relationships have been established. 

Santa Clarita Sister Cities Program is an active member of Sister Cities International in Washington, D.C.  Santa Clarita has two Sister Cities — Tena, Ecuador and Sariaya, Philippines.

VISION: Santa Clarita develops and maintains international and Sister City relationships in areas of interest to its citizens resulting in an enlightened and culturally enriched community.

MISSION: To foster international partnerships between the City of Santa Clarita and other cities abroad to promote mutual understanding, friendship, and cooperation through reciprocal youth, cultural, educational, professional, humanitarian, and economic programs and exchanges.

What is a Sister City?

A Sister City relationship is a broad-based, long-term partnership between communities in two countries, officially recognized by an agreement to become sister cities signed by the highest elected or appointed official from both communities.  Sister City activities vary depending on what is important to both parties, and can include municipal, cultural, economic, business, or educational exchanges and projects between the two communities.

Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International (SCI), based in Washington, D.C., is a citizen diplomacy network formed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 to create and strengthen partnerships between the United States and international communities.  People-to-people “citizen diplomacy” enhances the ability of people from different cultures to understand, appreciate and celebrate their differences while building partnerships that advance the interests of all humankind.

SCI serves as the national membership organization for individual sister cities, counties, and states across the United States.  This network unites tens of thousands of citizen diplomats and volunteers in over 470 member communities with 1,800 partnerships in 138 countries.

SoCal Sister Cities

Sister Cities International Southern California Chapter, Inc. (SoCal Sister Cities) is an extension of Sister Cities International (SCI) in Southern California.  It services SCI members from San Luis Obispo to the Mexico Border, providing information and organizational support for SCI members with existing affiliations throughout the world and for those wishing to establish such programs.

SoCal Sister Cities serves as a clearinghouse for information, an information source on matters of protocol, and a reference source for SCI members.